A MUSIC MINISTER / Rev. William Teng

Being the son of a minister, I have always been taught the importance of offering my body as a living sacrifice to God in His service.

After going to the States and finishing college in the area of music, I started a semi-professional symphony orchestra in the community – with the hope that I would make music my career – and continued to pursue graduate education in music, However,the Lord spoke to me in the Spring of 1978,

amid the World-Mission-in-Review tour of Nyack College, convicting me that I needed to serve Him in a full-time capacity. Upon answering the call, I entered the Alliance Theological Seminary after the completion of M.A. courses in Music History and Conducting at the City College of New York.

At that time, after much struggle, I was willing to give up music com-pletely, in order to be open to serve the Lord in other areas such as overseas missions. However, He gave me back this love for music and allowed me to use it for His sake, by letting me serve as Minister of Music at the Simpson Memorial Church of South Nyack, New York.

Later, after additional studies in Bible and theology, I was further convinced, more than ever before, that music should play a more important role in the Church: not only as an act of worship – to offer praise unto God; but also as an evangelistic tool to spread the Gospel. And I have since taken up. this understanding as my guideline in ministry. Then in May of 1982 I was asked to join the faculty of ABS by Dr. James Cheung to head up the project of starting. a new church music program upon my graduation from seminary.

I consider my ministry at ABS as being threefold: (1) to serve Him as a minster of music and of the Gospel, (2) to teach church music and theology by incorporating musical and theological understandings as a way to ensure the proper training of young people to serve more effectively in this area; and (3) to use sacred music as a tool to reach the “unsaved”