Are We "Misreading" Paul? Oral Phenomenon And Implications On Exegesis Of Paul's Letters(保羅是否被我們誤解了?──口述傳統及其含義如何影響保羅書信的詮釋) /曾思瀚





In the past years, orality studies have been restricted to non-biblical literature. Ever since the usage of orality in Gospel source criticism, orality has moved from the peripheral to essential place in biblical studies. While its usage in biblical studies has been limited, it is becoming more influential in recent works on Paul. The problem of modern readers looking at the printed media complicates the matter further. However, this does not need to trouble the interpreter who wants not only to read but to hear Paul. This study looks at some interpretive possibilities that can enhance present methods of reading Paul from the implications of orality studies so that the modern readers can hear Paul afresh once again.