Boasting And Foolishness : A Study Of 2 Cor. 10, 12-18 And 11, 0a

/ Kasper Ho-yee Wong


In 2 Cor 10-13, Paul boasts of his own credentials. However, he calls his boasting foolish. This dissertation is to investigate the reasons for and the background of the correlation of these two ideas: boasting and foolishness. Not only does this study reveal the meaning and background of these two ideas, but also reveal Paul’s criticism on the boasting and foolishness of his opponents. Besides, it demonstrates that the legitimacy of boasting is argued within the context of Paul’s evangelistic activities. Therefore, in the final analysis, the deepest reason Paul calls his boasting foolish is theological.

Date: 1998年初版
Page: 256頁
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Part 1: ‘Foolish boasting’: interpretations and context 

  1. A brief survey of the interpretations 
  2. The context of ‘Foolish boasting’ 

Part 2: ‘Foolish boasting’: an exegesis of 2 Cor. 10,12-11,1a 

  1. The defense and attack of Paul: an exegesis of 10,12 
  2. To boast and not to boast: an exegesis of 10,13-16 
  3. Legitimate boasting and foolishness: an exegesis of 10,17-11,1a 

General conclusion.