Eternal Bonds: Samuel Friedrich Willenberg's Reinforcement of the Reformation Concept of Vocation at the Danzig Academic Gymnasium / Matthew Oseka

Matthew Oseka


本文研究胡生芳如何闡釋和強化宗教改革的召命觀。胡生芳於1701 年起任但澤學院教授直到1748 年離世,其召命觀使各界人士深刻意識到,作為所處世界的一分子,人世的變遷,以及支持着人作為個人和作為羣體的所有機構與關係,都是上帝的心思和設計,為的是造福人。


The present paper explores how the Reformation concept of vocation was expounded and fortified by Samuel Friedrich Willenberg ( 胡生芳) who, from 1701 until his death in 1748, served as professor at the Danzig Academic Gymnasium ( 但澤學院). This concept impressed upon people from all walks of life that the world of which they were a part, the vicissitudes of life and all institutions and relationships supporting the life of human beings as individuals and as a community were intended and designed by God for the benefit of humankind.

原載於《建道學刊》56期(2021年7月),頁 15-54。