FEMINIST APPROACHES TO THE NEW TESTAMENT: With 1 Timothy 2:8-15 As A Test Case(女權主義的新約詮釋──提摩太前書二章8至15節的測試) / Philip H. Towner 唐書禮






The present study is an initial attempt to describe and assess feminist NT interpretation with 1 Tim 2:8-15 as a Test Case. No attempt is made at this stage to provide an adequate survey of the literature. Rather, the main goal is to identify some of the key features that distinguish two groups of feminist scholars within the church. Equally, the purpose in doing so is not to determine which approach merits more consideration. It is rather to begin the process of laying a foundation for understanding and dialogue.

In order to draw attention to some important differences, Towner considers two categories of feminist biblical scholars. The first is dedicated to the construction of a feminist biblical hermeneutic, committed to the liberation of women from androcentric and patriarchal structures in the church and society, and convinced that much of the teaching of the Bible poses a serious hindrance to the achievement of these goals. The second category of feminist can be distinguished from the first in that she or he maintains an optimism towards the usefulness of the biblical text(s) usually discussed.