INTERSUBJECTIVITY, INTERTEXTUALITY AND INTERCONNECTIVITY: On Biblical Hermeneutics And Hegemony(相互主體性、文本互涉性、互相連接性──論聖經詮釋學與霸權主義) / 謝品然





Based on the notions of intersubjectivity, intertextuality and interconnectivity, this essay appeals to the biblical interpretative communities to reaffirm the need for mutual responsibility and respectivity of the self in the pursue of knowledge; recognizing the contribution of cultural intertextuality in the production of knowledge on the one hand, and the necessity to establish a global community through interconnectivity that encourage a corporate effort in the advancement of knowledge for humanity within our global village on the other hand. The awareness of the possibility to indulge into a tendency of hegemonic behavior in biblical hermeneutics calls for a sincere, honest and respectful academic communicative interaction that is ethically sensitive within a culture of hermeneutical relationship and acknowledgment.