LEVITICUS 26 IN PSALM 79 The Defilement of the Sacred, Nations and Lament/Shirley S. Ho

Shirley S. Ho 


A cursory look into a number of respected and classic bible commentaries on Psalm 79, one will immediately recognise that the discussion on Psalm 79 is treated in generic fashion, just like most other communal lament psalms. This article will argue for the strong presence of Leviticus in Psalm 79. Using the principles and methods of intertextuality, this article will highlight what has been overlooked in Psalm 79 commentary and demonstrate how Psalm 79 employs cultic vocabulary, images and concepts of Leviticus 26, in writing the communal lament. Underscoring the intertextual relationship between the Leviticus 26 and Psalm 79 will help readers to appreciate the theological shaping and perspective of Psalm 79 in imputing upon the forcign nations the guilt of the desacralisation of the temple.



當代的詩篇注釋大多將詩篇七十九篇視作典型的幫體哀歌,未能精確掌握詩歌的獨特性,詩篇七十九篇的特色在於, 詩中整合了許多利未記的元素,本文利用互文的理論和方法,揭開過去注釋書所忽略的現象,證明詩篇七十九篇這首葉體哀歌背後彙集了許多儀禮方面的語彙、圖象及概念。詩篇七十九篇因聖殿遭玷污而疚責列邦,了解利未記二十六章與時篇七十九篇間的互文關係,有助讀者理解疚責背後隱含的神學理念和觀點。

原載於《建道學刊》44期(2015年7月),頁 1-24 。