On the Role of the Church in Social Change:An Exploration from the Biblical, Theological and Empirical Perspectives / Edward W. Lo

Edward W. Lo


本文先行探討格奧爾(Dieter Georg)及文森特(John Vincent)分別從聖經研讀進路解説新耶路撒冷及神國度降臨人間遠象,思考教會在推動新耶路撒冷在地及神的在地城市所肩負的角色。文章繼而會檢視相關神學論述包括考克斯 (Cox Harvey)及貝徹(Sharon V. Betcher),他們倡議教會在全球急促都市化的過程中肩負推動正面社會變遷的使命,從而落實合乎神心意的新耶路撒冷在地及神的在地城市的遠象。最後本文亦會探討英國教會及南非教會分別在其特定時空環境帶動正面社會變遷的實踐經驗帶來的啟發。


This paper starts with the biblical exposition respectively by Dieter Georgi’s on the New Jerusalem vision and by John Vincent’s on the Kingdom of God on earth to demonstrate that the church has a key role to execute and administer the “not ‘heavenly’ any longer” New Jerusalem on earth and God’s Alternative City on earth. The relevant theological contemplations including Cox Harvey and Sharon V. Betcher which are to different degrees and extents related to this New Jerusalem vision and the Kingdom of God on earth will then be explored to demonstrate that it is a mission of the church to initiate and catalyze a positive social change to achieve the New Jerusalem vision and the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaven in the rapid urbanization process of our cities now and here in God’s grace. Lastly, the lessons learnt from the unique practical experience of the Church of England and the Church of South Africa in catalyzing such a positive social change respectively in their specific temporal and spatial contexts will be examined.

原載於《建道學刊》57期(2022年1月),頁 87-119。