Paul's Purpose in Writing Romans: The Upbuilding of a Jewish and Gentile Christian Community in Rome

/ Lo Lung Kwong


A major problem with earlier treatments of Romans which have attempted to clarify the situation in Rome and the purpose of the letter, however, has failed to correlate the epistolary framework and final ethical section with the main body and doctrinal core of the Epistle. This is where the present volume adds significantly to the contemporary debate. Lo Lung-kwong has developed a fresh method of analysis by focusing on the use of first and second persons, which is surprisingly simple, but which has achieved some very interesting and persuasive results. And his exegesis highlights links in the argument of the letter which have not been noticed before and have not been given sufficient attention.

Date: 1998年初版
Page: 538頁
Price: HK$380(精裝)
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