Paul's Rhetorical Arsenal And 1 Corinthians 1-4 (保羅修辭技巧與哥林多前書1至4章) / Nils A. Rosaeg 盧碩





1 Cor 1-2 is the only place where Paul appears to address the issue of technical rhetoric directly, and there he rejects it explicitly (2:1-5). But he seems to use it extensively, and especially so in the first four chapters of 1 Cor. This raises the question of a new attempt to define his rhetorics. The proposal takes due account of the Jewish features in the letters of Paul, and distinguishes general “persuasion” from technical Greek-Roman “rhetoric”. After a more brief, non-technical analysis of Paul’s “persuasive arsenal” in the 4 chapters, the article concludes with an attempt to define the specifics of Paul’s paradoxical rhetoric in the text, which is seen to be ironic, it also points to Apollos as his unknown counterpart.