The Implied Ethics Of Postcolonialism(後殖民批判所蘊含的倫理) / Mark G. Brett 布雷特





This article illustrates the connection between anthropological studies of “cultural permeability” and postcolonial studies of “hybridity,” arguing that Romantic quests for the preservation of individual cultures are mistaken. Examples are discussed from ancient Israel and contemporary indigenous politics. However, given a distinction between culture and ethnicity, it is still possible to defend a limited ethnocentrism for minority groups who lack political power. This form of ethnocentrism requires a non- universalizable, postmodern ethic. On the other hand, unless governments are to replicate the imperialist structure of centre and periphery, political power requires a principle of equal treatment. At the level of government, postcolonial ethics cannot do without modernism, even if an ethic of resistance is postmodern.