The Other Term Question──The Translation Of βαπτιξω And Its Effects On The Protestant Mission In China(別外術語問題──βαπτιξω一詞之翻譯與其對更正教在華差會之影響)/Jost Zetzsche 尤斯德


如何把God和Spirit 翻譯為中文這術語問題的爭議,見諸不少文獻中,並造成在華不同更正宗差會相當程度的壁壘分明現象。本文題目「別外術語問題」,指向翻譯βαπτίζω這希臘文為中文(一般英文翻譯是baptism)的課題。對不少人來說,此乃舉足輕重的問題,尤以浸信會中人為然。有關爭議,亦反映於持續至今的強大分歧以及不同聖經譯本等情況上。




The Term Question – the question about how to translate God and Spirit into Chinese – is a well-documented controversy that caused considerable divisions between different Protestant mission groups in China. This paper’s topic, “Other Term Questions,” refers to the Chinese translation of the Greek βαπτίζω (in English commonly translated as “baptism”), which was a question of similar magnitude for many, especially Baptist groups. This controversy has also been reflected in deep disagreements and separate Bible translations that have continued to the present day.

This paper outlines the genesis of the conflict and also analyzes why this question has never been as visible as the discussion about the translation of God and Spirit. The answer lies in the central term: this was not a problem of interpretation of Chinese culture and thought, but rather a conflict over a theological interpretation that was deeply rooted in the churches of America and Britain and imported into China through the strong denominational ties of the missionaries.