THE REVOLT OF SHEBA: According To Josephus(示巴之亂──約西法的重述技巧的研究) / Christopher T. Begg 貝格


本文旨在研究約西法在《古史》中,重述示巴叛亂(撒下二十章)的寫作特點及技巧。透過與不同舊約古代譯本(如Targum、LucianiMc SS of LXX)及抄本(如MT、4QSama、CoVdaetixcanus )比較,作者探討了以下的課題:約西法當代可獲得那些記載撒母耳記下第二十章的版本;約西法重新記載示巴叛亂的寫作技巧、塑造人物角色的手法,及記述當中帶給當時外邦人和猶太人的信息。



Following the repression of Absalom’s uprising, a new threat quickly emerges for David, i.e. the revolt of Sheba, described in 2 Samuel 20. This article presents a detailed study of Josephus’ version {Antiqiiities 7.278-292) of the latter incident in relation to its Biblical source (as represented by MT,4QSama Codex Vaticanus, the Lucianic MSS of the LXX, and Targum Jonathan of the Former Prophets). Overaching questions addressed by the article include: the text-form(s) of 2 Samuel 20 available to Josephus, the rewriting techniques applied by him in this section of Ant. (e.g., rather extensive additions to/amplifications of the Biblical data), the distinctiveness of his rendition (e.g., with regard to the characterization of the personages involved) and the messages this might have been intended to convey to Gentile and Jewish audiences. The article likewise gives some attention to the handling of Sheba episode elsewhere in postbiblical Jewish literature.