THE YEAR OF THE JUBILEE: A Model for Uplifting the Lives of the Poor?/Fernando C. Lua

Fernando C. Lua Associate Professor and Vice-President for Administration and Finance, Asian Theological Seminary, Philippines.


Every year the gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger. The Philippines, despite its good economic performance the past years, remain heavily indebted. This is the major reason why the Philippines cannot rise out of poverty. 

The biblical model of the Jubilee gives us hope though. Following the Jubilee mandate of cancellation of debt and returning of land to the poor will help solve the problem of poverty in the Philippines. If even a partial amount of their loans will be cancelled under the Jubilee mandate, it will help solve the problem of poverty as more money will go to much needed services such as education and health. 

Our vision is for a biblical model of community where there will be no more poor people. This is the reason for the Sabbath, the Sabbath Year mandate, and the Jubilee Mandate. Jesus came not just to preach the good news to the poor but also to liberate those who are oppressed, oppressed politically, socioeconomically, and religiously (Lk 4:18-19).



每年世界各地的貧富懸殊情況不斷加劇,以菲律賓為例,即使過去幾年她 的經濟表現良好,可是她仍處於嚴重欠債的危機中,而這正是菲律賓無法脫貧 的主要原因。