WISDOM, YAHWISM, CREATION:In Quest of Qoheleth’s Theological Thought(從智慧神學、耶威主義與創造神學探討傳道書神學) / 謝品然


本文旨在探討傳道者的神學思想。作者的進路是從研究耶威主義、智慧神學和創造神學彼此間的關係入手,他認為智慧神學是創造神學這主要思想,在傳道書中的地位卻不顯著。傳道者的神學思想既不屬傳統保守耶威主義派,亦不依附於極端反對耶威主義之陣營,因其思想獨 特,處於邊緣位置,故作者稱它為邊緣神學。



The essay, in quest of Qoheleth’s theological thought, probes into the relationship between Yahwism, wisdom and creation, arguing that creation theology, as an important concept of wisdom theology, is insignificance in Qoheleth’s thought. The theological thought of Qoheleth reflects neither conservative Yahwism nor radical anti-Yahwism. The uniqueness of Qoheleth’s thought leads to the identification of liminality as the social setting for Qoheleth, who as a liminal intellectual, practices a liminal theology.