Being and knowing : an examination of T.F. Torrance's christological science

/Jason Hing-kau Yeung


This book certainly enables scholars and theologians to have a deep understanding and appreciation of Torrance’s theology as Dr. Yeung did successfully link together various themes in Torrance’s theology. Iain R. Torrance, T. F. Torrance’s son, remarks, There have been a variety of studies which have focused on an aspect of Torrance’s theology the relation between theology and science, or his Christology, or Sacramental theology, but this is the first which attempts integrate all the different aspects together. This is a fully informed, perceptive and intelligent reading of my father’s theology. I thoroughly recommend it.


Date: 1996年初版

Page: 246頁

Price: HK$140(精裝)


  1. Hypostatic union: a christocentric theology 
  2. The world view of hypostatic union: an integrated universe 
  3. The justification of Torrance’s scientific theology 
  4. Rational theology and theological truth 
  5. Christology and the knowledge of God 
  6. Knowledge of the trinitarian God 
  7. Knowledge of God as sharing and communion 
  8. Knowing subservient to being: critical reflections.