DAVID'S REACTION TO THE DEATH OF SAUL: According To Josephus(大衛對掃羅死訊的反應──約西法的重述技巧的研究) / Christopher T. Begg 貝格





2 Samuel 1 relates David’s reaction to the death of Saul and Jonathan in battle with the Philistines (see 1 Samuel 31). This article provides a detailed investigation of Josephus’ retelling, in Antiquities 7.1-6, of the story of 2 Samuel 1 (as witnessed by MT, LXX, and the Targum). Among its findings: Josephus takes particular care to eliminate the discrepancies between 1 Samuel 31 and 2 Samuel 1 regarding the circumstances of Saul’s demise in his rendition of the latter chapter. He likewise drastically compresses throughout his version of 2 Samuel 1,reducing, for example David’s eulogy for Saul and Jonathan as cited in vv. 17-27 to a simple allusion to the fact of his having “composed laments and eulogies” for them.