Christian Fundamentalism In Modern China: Calvin Chao And The “Chinese For Christ” Movement(基督教基要主義與近代中國──趙君影與「中華歸主」運動)/梁元生


本文探討趙君影之生平、思想與事業。趙氏是二十世紀中國基督徒基要信仰的代表人物,早年在國內從事學生佈道工作,成立大學生團契,與艾得理同工。趙氏於1948年後南來香港,建立培靈學院,又在新加坡和馬尼拉等東南亞地區, 開辦聖經學院及展開其他佈道工作;五十年代後期舉家移民美國,在新大陸推行 「中華歸主」運動,並在美國洛杉磯建立中華歸主神學院。趙氏於1996年去世。



This article examines the life and ministry of Calvin Chao (1906-1996), fundamentalist Chinese Christian evangelist, educator and theologian, focussing on his career in three phases:

(1) Chao’s role in organizing the Christian student movement in war-time China;

(2) Chao’s Christian ministry in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippine and the United States after 1948;

(3) Chao’s “Chinese For Christ” movement in America which led to the founding of the Chinese For Christ Theological Seminary in Los Angeles in 1985.