The Authorship And Historical Background Of Isaiah 35(以賽亞書第三十五章之作者及歷史背景) / 關嘉仁


學者對以賽亞書第三十五章作為第一以賽亞書一直持懷疑態度。在1891 年,以賈拉斯為首的一班學者拫據文字、風格及題材,辯稱此章為第二以賽亞書。近期有更多學者在研究其編纂者背景後,認為這是被擄後的作品。本文首先檢閱及評論前人的論據,然後依據第三十五章內容的修辭歷史分析,指出此章是第一以賽亞書,乃寫於西拿基立在公元前701年入侵猶大之後。



The authenticity of Isaiah 35 as a Proto-Isaianic text has long been called into question. Following the lead of H. Gratz in 1891, a number of scholars have argued for the Deutero-Isaianic authorship of this chapter on the basis of vocabulary, style and subject matter. More recent scholars, influenced by redaction criticism, consider it as a late post-exilic composition. This article first reviews and critiques the evidence provided for these positions and then, on the basis of a rhetorico-historical analysis of the text, presents the possibility that Isaiah 35 is authentic Proto-Isaianic material, written in the aftermath of Sennacherib’s invasion of Judah in 701 BCE.