On Wine and Wineskins in Mark 2:21-22/Ken-jom Ho

Ken-jom Ho  


In Mark 2:22, Christ urged that no one ought to pour new wine into old wineskins. This has long been regarded as pointing to the incommensurability and incompatibility of Christianity with its precursor, Judaism, although the former did not yet exist at the time these words were uttered. This paper reviews that traditional construal and finds it wanting. Alternatives are explored and an optimal explanation based on what “wine” might have meant in the contemporary culture, is suggested. It is suggested that the saying was more about Christ picking the right disciples to whom he wanted to teach the Torah through his messianic lens.


根據馬可福音二章22節,基督敦促不要將新酒倒入舊酒皮中。長期以來,這一直被認為是基督教與猶太教的不可通約性和不相容性。本文回顧了這種傳統的詮釋,並發現了它的不足。探索替代方法,並根據「葡萄酒」在當代文化中的含義提出了最佳解釋。 因此,馬可福音二章22節的更多內容是基督挑選合適的門徒,他想通過自己的彌賽亞理解向他們教導律法。

原載於《建道學刊》53期(2020年1月),頁 1-18。