The Material Realities of Ancient Travel Journey in Proverbs 1-9 / Shirley S. Ho

Shirley S. Ho 


Proverbs scholars have suggested various contextual milieu to understand Proverbs 1-9. The proposals include conceptual, socio-historical, traditio-historical and linguistic contexts. This article seeks to locate Proverbs 1-9 in ancient Near East context of ancient travel journey. It highlights the material realities an ancient traveler encounters in his journey.


研究箴言之眾學者提出多種語境用以詮釋箴言一至九章,這些提議包括: 隱喻—概念、社會—歷史、傳—歷史和語言學等不同框架。本文嘗試將箴言一至九章置於古近東旅者於旅旅程中的情境,突顯古代旅行者在物質世界旅行時,真實的感官體認與經歷。

原載於《建道學刊》53期(2020年1月),頁 19-40。