Philosophical Assumptions In The Discussion Of Irreducible Complexity, Naturalism, Demarcation Criterion, Probability, Law, And Adequate Explanation(討論無可簡化之複雜性、自然主義、科學分水嶺、或然率、法則、充分解釋的哲學假設)/余創豪





In Darwin ‘s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, Dr. Michael Behe evaluates the possibility of gradualism in macroevolution in the perspective of “irreducible complexity,” which has become a controversial topic among theologians, philosophers, and scientists. This paper demonstrates that “reasoning by analogy” regarding the “mousetrap metaphor” could not illuminate the question at all. Besides, that author asserts that the debate on creation and evolution is not necessarily a religion- versus-science one; one should also consider aspects like probability, law, and the meaning of adequate explanation. After all, both parties are tied to hidden metaphysical assumptions.