PRIVILEGING THE PARTICULAR: Postmodernism And The Eclipse Of The Universal(個殊為尊─後現代與普遍性的失落) / 謝正金



本文對利歐塔(J. Lyotard)、德希達(J. Derrida)及泰勒(M.C. Taylor)的後現代思想或神學加以批判,並認同蘇薛肯尼辛(A. Solshenitsyn)的說法,認為後現 代思想最終引致虛無主義。



The culture that we inhabit is sometimes called “postmodern”. This essay explores the various characteristics of the postmodern ethos, especially the postmodern tendency to privilege the particular and marginalise the universal and its impact on theology. Thinkers such as Lyotard and Derrida are examined critically in this article, as is the a/theology of Mark C. Taylor. The essay argues that the insight of Aleksandar Solshenitsyn with which the essay began accurately describes the culture of postmodernism, for even as this culture privileges the particular and eclipses the universal, it displaces God as the centre of reality, and in its decentred existence, anarchy and nihilism reigns.