Reflection On Models Of Science-Religion Dialogue And Evaluation Of The Independence Model(反思宗教與科學對話的多重模型及獨立模型的評估)/關啟文






我然後解釋第三種模型又可分為獨立模型(科學與神學的語句屬於互不重叠的領域),和互動模型(科學與神學的語句屬於部分重叠的領域)- 這再可區分為衝突模型和整合模型。接着我在文章簡略評論衝突模型,和解釋獨立模型如何可用來消解衝突模型的挑戰。然而我也指出獨立模型的限制。最後,我建議正面整合的模型可能是最佳的出路。



This paper explores the task of the integration of faith and learning by reflecting on different models of the science-religion dialogue. I provide a preliminary classification scheme of these models:

(I) Science and religion are regarded as two radically different types of activity.

(II) Science and religion are regarded as basically the same type of activity: Non-realism or realism.

(III) Although science and religion are very different types of activity/practice, in other significant respects they are also similar.

I then explain on model (III), it can be further divided into the Independence Model (Scientific propositions and theological propositions belong to non-overlapping domains), and the Interaction Model (Scientific propositions and theological propositions belong to overlapping domains)-which can again be divided into the Conflict Model and the Integration Model.

In the rest of the paper I briefly look at the Conflict Model and then explain how the Independence Model can be used to neutralize the challenge of this model. However, I will also point out some limitations of the Independence Model. Towards the end, I suggest some kinds of Model of Positive Integration are the best way forward.