Rhetorical Criticism In Biblical Studies(聖經研究中的修辭批判學) / Wilhelm Wuellner 沃爾納





The rediscovered, indeed reinvented, discipline of rhetorical analysis in biblical exegesis should be viewed as part of the long and chequered history of rhetorical criticism and its relation to biblical hermeneutics. The main features of the postmodern theories and practices of rhetorical criticism differ from rhetorical traditions since late antiquity. Emerging rhetorical theories and practices raise such issues as why this approach to biblical exegesis is really more than just one more method among others; what its relation is to other exegetical methods; and why it has its own integrity. The article’s final two sections deal with two neglected areas of critical study: the constitutive relation between rhetoric and religion; and the inescapable relation between rhetoric and shared scholarship. Rhetoric is perceived as not only in all parts of Sacred Scripture, but also at the core of all critical scholarship.