The Case For Case Revisited(再論「語意格」) / Stanley E. Porter 波特斯坦利


《建道學刊》創刊號曾登載一篇由黃錫木撰寫的專文,內容討論「語意格」 理論在新約希臘文中的應用。本文乃根據現代語言學近期的著作回應其文章,並提出若干在應用上必須注意的問題,例如:功能及規範文法的原則,表意及文法作用之間的關係,等級體系在「格」討論中的位置等。



In a recent article of Jian Dao (issue 1),Simon Wong has made a case for semantic Case Theory as applied to the Greek of the New Testament. This response raises necessary questions regarding the applicability of Case Theory to Greek, in the light of recent work in modern linguistics. Issues raised include the principles of functional versus formal grammars, the relationship between notional roles and grammatical roles, and the place of hierarchy in discussion of cases, among others.