THE SEDUCTION OF WEALTH When Money Becomes a God/Craig L. Blomberg

Craig L. Blomberg Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary


For every passage in Scripture that touts the goodness of material possessions there are five or six that warn against its dangers. The desire for greater and greater wealth is a major seduction to sin through the Scriptures. Money quickly becomes a god for many and thus forms the heart of much human idolatry. Riches per se are not sinful, nor even the desire to acquire them, so long as they are used for godly purposes. But contentment in all economic circumstances forms a Christian ideal.



聖經中每段吹捧物質擁有的經文,就會有五或六段警告隨之出現。聖經描 述,對財富愈來愈大的渴望是誘人犯罪的一種主要因素。對許多人來說,金錢 迅速成為一個神明,成為人類偶像的重心。財富本身並沒有罪,即使渴望擁有 財富也不是罪,只要財富被用於敬虔的事物上;但無論處於何種經濟狀況都感 到滿足,卻是理想的基督徒表現。

原載於《建道學刊》41期(2014年1月),頁 39-76。