AN EQUILIBRIUM Schleiermacher's Insights into the Confessional Subscription in Its Historical Setting/Mateusz Oseka

Mateusz Oseka  



The present paper examines Schleiermacher’s insights into the confessional subscription in its historical setting and explores his theological project as via media between the rationalism and the supernaturalism as well as between Kant’s philosophy of religion and Hegel’s system. It analyses the inception of corpora doctrinae in the Lutheran and Reformed tradition and describes the evolving status of the confessional subscription in the Protestantism. Finally, the article ventures to capture Schleiermacher’s programme to reinterpret the function of the creeds in the postEnlightenment theology.



本文探討士來馬赫按着歷史背景對認信條文的見解,從他的神學規劃中, 發掘出他在理性主義和超自然主義之間,並在康德的宗教哲學與黑格爾的哲學 系統之間,所採取的中庸之道。文章分析了路德和改革宗傳統教義大全的源由,描述了新教教義的認信條文之發展狀況。最後,本文大膽嘗試捕捉士來馬赫怎樣在後啟蒙時期的神學中,重新解釋信經的作用。

原載於《建道學刊》43期(2015年1月),頁 33-72。