Rudge's Managerial Theology and God-centered Management:Trinitarian Theology and a Biblical Theology Approach for Christians in Marketplace and Church-place/Wong Sin-yi

Wong Sin-yi  


The intention of this paper is to introduce a theology of God-centered management built upon the foundational theology of the Triune God, and which uses a biblical theology approach. This approach establishes the core value and principles of God-centered management. It provides a sound foundation for the various “primarily practical” activities of Christians. Fusing biblical theology with God-centered management builds a bridge that integrates Christian faith and different types of management theories. Such integration can be applied to the management and administrative work that is done in the workplace, in churches, and even in the wider social communities in which Christians are involved.

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原載於《建道學刊》50期(2018年7月),頁 63-108。