THE DAO OF QOHELETH: An Intertextual Reading Of The Daode Jing And The Book Of Ecclesiastes(傳道書中的「道」──《道德經》與傳道書的文本互涉解讀) / Christopher Heard 赫克理斯托弗





Within the framework of a reader-oriented approach to intertextuality, biblical and Asian texts may profitably be read in terms of one another. Despite Western biblical critics’ recognition of the importance of Chinese philosophical literature, however, Chinese and biblical wisdom texts have not often been read intertextually. An intertextual reading of the book of Ecclesiastes and the Daode Jing illustrates the value of such an approach. Laozi’s perspectives on the inconstancy of all guiding discourses help to make sense of Qoheleth’s confusion and cast his alleged “despair” in an altogether new light. Conversely, Qoheleth’s conclusions provide an interesting and pertinent response to the questions raised by Laozi’s critique of guiding discourses.