TWO ONTOLOGIES Two Approaches/Mateusz Oseka

Mateusz Oseka


The present paper examines the relationship between the ontologies of old Schelling and of Hegel and their approach to the world. The Schellingian philosophy of revelation and the Hegelian system were scrutinised in view of the impact of Plato, Eriugena and Spinoza. It appears that old Schelling continued the paradigm of the world’s departure from and return to the Absolute initiated by the Neoplatonism, whereas Hegel paved the way for a new circumscription of the universe which was determined by the laws of dialectics. 



本文探討老謝林(Schelling)和黑格爾(Hegel)的本體論和研究世界的 方法有何關係。作者仔細地審視了謝林派哲學和黑格爾派系的啟示觀,看柏拉 圖(Plato)、愛瑞傑納(Eriugena)和斯賓諾莎(Spinoza)對兩者的影響。研究發現老謝林似乎承繼了新柏拉圖主義的觀點,認為世界曾遠離又回歸到絕對者那裏,而黑格爾則為宇宙鋪設出一條新界線,是由辯證法則去決定的。

原載於《建道學刊》42期(2014年7月),頁 1-26。